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Really weirded out its about my 15 month old daughter
lkerns0105 posted:
Ok I took her to the doctor and below her vagina hole is closing and I have to put hormonal cream below it? I'm not understanding what is happening because the doctor says over time if it gets worse they have to surgically cut there. So is this common?no one I know has heard of this someone please explain this to me..
Sara DuMond, MD, FAAP responded:
Hi there. I can completely understand why you are stressed out about this! This condition is called labial adhesions and it is very common in babies. It is simply a condition where fibrous bands of tissue grow together so that the labia on either side of the vagina are "stuck" together. It's due to the fact that baby girls have low estrogen levels and in most cases, it resolves spontaneously as they get older, and certainly by purbertal age when their estrogen levels naturally begin to increase. Some doctors recommend treating the adhesions with a topical estrogen cream, while others take a watch and wait approach. Either way, there are no long-term consequences for your daughter and it is not painful. Hope this helps!
Dr. DuMond