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Anon_5300 posted:
I have a 4 month old daughter! Ive been driving myself crazy. She sweats, rubs her ears, and bites on her fingers. Shes been fussy and dnt know what to do. Shud I take her to the gosspital and get her checked or shud I try other things to help her.
lenono97 responded:
How long has this been going on? You say she sweats, have you tried taking off clothes? Rubbing ears is sometimes and indication of an ear infection. Biting on her fingers could mean she is hungry and could explain the fussiness. Have you tried feeding her or increasing the amount she gets if she is bottle fed. I would call the doctor in the morning and explain what's going on. They may give you some tips or ask you to make an appointment.
Herington responded:
I think you have a teething baby on your hands. the chewing on fingers is a given as it causes reliefe from the counter pressure on the gums, as for the ear pulling sometimes the pain from the gums can travel to the ears and cheeks and as for the sweating sometimes teething causeas low grade fevers. Every baby is diffrent and other symptoms could be diarrhea, staying awake more, drooling ect. but as always I would consult a pediatrition first just to make sure its not something more serious such as a ear infection.

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