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Booger Removal-- LOL! :)
VALRUDI posted:
Ok, silly question: Is there any other effective way to get "boogers" out of a baby's nose? Our lil one seems to have problems breathing through a "stuffed-up" nose while breastfeeding, etc. .... We do use a bulb syringe to try to suck them out....but not always effective! Any suggestions would be helpfull! Thanks ~ Rudi
sdadkin responded:
You can buy an battery operated nasal aspirator at Walmart for around $20. It works great and is a lot faster than the one the hospital gives you. I use it all the time. Your baby will probably still hate it, but at least it is more affective.
Dawn (26) Justin (26) DS1 Carter (7/22/09) DS2 Mason (5/3/11)
StarryGrrl responded:
Okay, this is a very strange product, but we use it and it works wonderfully... you just have to get over the weirdness of it.
5ylver responded:
I read before to always use the saline drops first of course to loosen up the mucus, then when you use the bulb, plug the opposite nostril to help the bulb with suction. It's worked wonders for me. LO was recently sick and for the first time she was so plugged up that plugging the opposite notril didn't really help (and i didn't want to have both nostrils blocked) so I released the one that I didn't have the bulb in it. so basically we plugged the opposite nostril to let it grab then let go of the opposite nostril and it came right out. I hope I've explained that in a way that is understandable. I suck at explaining things lol
VALRUDI responded:
Thanks to all who responded...and all suggestions worked great. The use of saline drops and plugging each nostril and using a small bulb syringe works best....and the battery operated piece is helpfull as well.
ladykaren responded:
I have read a different discussion on this same website about a nasal aspirator for babies when I was looking for help fighting my 5 months old's cold. Everybody seem to find it very helpful and even though it's an unusual product, I have ordered one and I'm very glad that I did. It's easy to use and works in a second, I can definitely recommend it! It's called snotarator, LOL.

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