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    Where did your LO's name come from? (Name Debate)
    Amelia_WebMD_Staff posted:
    My daughter's first, middle and last names all come from her father's family.

    How did you come up with your LO's name? Was it a family name, favorite friend's or just a creative concoction?

    Look forward to hearing your stories!

    If you like to debate on Unusual Names and how they affect the LO's, head here to view other opinions and give your own!
    palvarad responded:
    My son was a surprise for us, so we tried to be thankful and show it in his name. His first name, Nathaniel, means gift of God. His middle name, Benjamin, means right hand of God.
    VieNAe responded:
    my sons first name is Arthur whom we named in honor of my father who died in 07, his middle name Aiden was taken from my husbands favorite band Aiden lol.
    Allaya9 responded:
    We decided to honor my and my hubby's family heritage. Lochlan is Scottish (which is my heritage). His middle name is Sidney after my husband's french canadian heritage, which also honored his grandmother who he adored (this was her name too). So, a unique name for a our wonderful surprise.
    sdadkin responded:
    Our first son is Joseph Carter. Joseph is a family name on my SO's side (grandfather, father, uncle, cousin, and SO) and I just loved the name Carter. He goes by his middle name.

    When I was pregnant with my second son the only baby name I even thought of was Mason. I tried to look through the name book, but I kept coming back to Mason. Then at Christmas time last year on my way home from my parents' house my brother's gf text me and asked me what I thought of the name Mason- and I hadn't told anyone that's what I was thinking! It was like a sign that it was meant to be! And his middle name is Elias which is my SO's grandfather's middle name.
    Dawn (26) Justin (26) DS1 Carter (7/22/09) DS2 Mason (5/3/11)
    Demeli responded:
    My first son's name is Enoch Matthew...Enoch is biblical meaning trained/dedicated and Matthew is after his dads middle name. I don't think my son Enoch will meet another Enoch at thats ok---its unique...its not like we made up the name or spelled it different...its just like in the bible

    My second son's name is Edison Michael.. Edison is after his late grandpa "Ed" and Michael after my dads middle name...
    charissahill responded:
    My LO's name is Christian Jonathan

    Christian meaning Follower of Christ
    Jonathan meaning Gift from God
    kay_kay75 responded:
    My daughters name is Kayleigh Cheyenne, Kayleigh is after me, my name is Kay and we liked the way Cheyenne flowed and it gives her the same initials as me.

    We are TTC #2 and his name will be Caleb Alexander, Caleb his father likes and Alexander is after my father, so crossing fingers for a boy or we will have to come up with a girls name.
    camsmom0726 responded:
    My DD is named Natalie Brooke. Natalie is after a band member's wife and Brooke is after my sweet cousin.

    My DS is named Cameron Drake. I was looking on websites and Cameron just stuck out to me. My sister gave him his middle name Drake.
    Anon_48326 replied to Demeli's response:
    Have you seen the show, Boardwalk Empire? The main character is named Enoch and his nickname is Nucky.
    Anon_48326 responded:
    My 4 year old is named Rebecca Dolores. I've always liked the name Rebecca and Dolores was for my grandmother. My 6 month old is named Micaela Donna. She's named after my husband, Michael, and his mother.
    cshyronia responded:
    my dd is Aniya wanted to name after my mom who is Anita. but wanted a little diff. so took out the t added a y. my son francisco is named after his father and my baby on the way df wants name after his sister who is myra i came up with mariah and rhymes with Aniya. My oldest dd was name after his father
    Katya1985 replied to cshyronia's response:
    Aniya is a very very very popular Russian name.
    Katya1985 responded:
    My older son's name is Stanislav Ronaldovich. It is an old Russian name: Stanislav- means famous, fine. and Ronaldovich is the first name of my husband( Ronald, just modified to Russian way)

    My daughter's name is Galina Ronaldovna. It is also a Russian name and means peaceful. We call her after my mom and Ronaldovna is my husband's first name just was modified for a girl. They have double nationality and in Russia it is always, regardless a boy or a girl- a middle name is the first name of the father.
    fiannakyn replied to Katya1985's response:
    my son is Anthony Steven. Anthony was DH's father's middle name, he passed away shortly after we were married. Steven was DH's uncle who passed away before DH was born, Steven was DH's mom's best friend in addition to her older brother, in fact she was going to name DH Steven but her mom said "it was too soon" (DH was born a few months after the car accedent)

    If we every have a girl, her name will be Lilly Joyce, which Lilly was my grandmother's first name and Joyce is DH's grandmother's middle name.

    Regardless if our children come to the family by adoption, they are still family and both sides WANT them to have family names.
    Vicky DH (35) (adpopted) son Anthony was born De 23, 2011. Also licensed foster parents. Never been pregnant.

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