2 Month Vaccines
An_242692 posted:
I am a first time mother so of course I worry about everything. My baby just had her two month vaccines 2 days ago and it still drowsy. I know that is expected until up to 24 hours. She got her vaccines Thursday at 2 and it is now Saturday night and she is sleeping more and more and hardly eating.Advice?
lenono97 responded:
Not sure if that's still the effects of the vaccines or not. Is she getting sick, like a cold? Have you given her any medications that could be causing it? Is there someone on call at the clinic you could call and ask? It wouldn't hurt. Hope she is doing better today. Of course, if it gets to the point she is having a hard time waking up at all, I would take her to the ER.
An_242692 replied to lenono97's response:
She does not seem to have any cold symptoms or taken any medications. She seems more alert and herself today but I may just call her doctors office to check. Thank you.