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my 2 month old not eating good anymore
JESSBEAL posted:
since about a week it has got worse each day she will not eat like she normally was she usually eats 3 to 4 oz shes 2 months old we had a tsp of rice a oz.. and all the sudden she is only eating 1 to 2 oz every 6 hours she usually eats every 4. when i fed her she will get to the 1 or 2 oz and then start moving her head back and forth to get the bottle out of her mouth what does it sound like to yall? the doctor gave her zantac today to see if it is reflux i have only gave it to her one time so far... please help
Amelia_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Jess!

I'm so sorry for the late response and hope that the family is doing well!

Is your pediatrician suggesting you feed your LO rice cereal? Usually solids don't begin until babies are 4-6 months old, as seen in this article and slideshow . If not, I would ask your doctor about this..

Also, according to this Baby Development article , "You'll know when your baby is hungry because babies will start to root (move her head back and forth, searching for a breast) or get fussy and turn their mouth when you touch their cheek."

Maybe your LO is hungry and just have trouble eating? Please, let us know how things are going and what the doctor has said. Hope to be of some help!

Take care!
Sara DuMond, MD, FAAP responded:
So sorry to hear that your little one has been struggling with her eating. I hope by now that you've found an answer. Your description of her eating pattern certainly sounds suspicious for acid reflux. Zantac is just one of several antacid medications that are sometimes helpful for babies with acid reflux. Other tips that sometimes help, include keeping baby in a fairly upright position during and after feedings, taking frequent breaks during the first ounce to 2 ounces to burp, sit upright, expel air/gas, and sometimes making a formula change, in certain situations, but only under the advisement of your doctor. Keep us updated as to how she is doing!
Dr. DuMond

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