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pumping/ breast feeding help
mamas77 posted:
hello need help to know how much i should be producing. i am getting milk but only about two ounces out of my left breast and about one and a half ounces from the other breast. is that normal? i have to pump til my baby gets out of the nicu. i guess with my first child i didnt have to pump so i dont know this stuff. any advice would help thank you.
mathgypsy2 responded:
I'm sorry your baby is in the nicu. Most women who pump get 1/2-2 oz at a pumping, and pump 8 times a day. The more you pump the more you can get, if you feel you need more milk, pump for 5 min. after you quit having milk come out. I pumped with my first because she was in the hospital longer than I was. It was not easy, but I'm glad I hung in there and was eventually able to nurse her. My favorite web site is It has lots of info and great forums for questions. Hope this helps
cshyronia responded:
Hope Your baby is doing good. I went through the exact same thing.with my milk . My baby went to nicu 3 days after being born for Jaundice and dehydration. The most i ever was able to pump was like 2 oz all day. I did it for 3 months but also gave formula because i was so scared he would get dehyrated again. I was so jealous of my cousin who could sit and pump 2 8 oz bottles in 1 sitting.. I hope pumping gets better for you it can be really fustrated. Best of luck
mamas77 responded:
thank you guys for your input. yeah its frustrating but i keep telling myself at least a little bit will still help him grow. the nurse said that the milk is rich by looking at the color and stuff so i think of it as condensed milk. lol again thank you

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