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Question about 2mo circumcision
ajmrstark posted:
I had a circumcision done on my son right after he was born. They used a plasti-bell. After it healed up the doctors told me to keep the skin pulled up over the head of the penis. At 1 month, he had adhesions of the skin to the head. I had to slowly work the skin back to release the adhesions but the doctors kept telling me to continue to pull the skin back up over the head. Now, at 2 months, his ridge is bright red and if I leave the skin pulled back too long, his head turns purple. And I have never seen my son get an erection. Should I be concerned? Do 2mo's get erections? Am I still suppose to pull his skin back up over the head all the way? Does anyone know why we do this? Please help. Doctors can't seem to explain things.
lenono97 responded:
I don't understand why the doctor told you to pull the skin over the head. I had my son circumcised at about a week old and was never told to do that. It sounds counter productive. In fact, at my son's 6 month appointment the doctor pulled some skin back that had re-attached. Sometimes the head looks purple, so I guess that would be normal. I "think" I have seen him with an erection, but really don't know anything about that (where babies are concerned!)
Anmar22 responded:
I haven't heard of pulling the skin over the head either. The purple color is normal and so are erections, my son has had quite a few since he was first born. I mostly notice them when I'm changing his diaper after he's been sleeping.
Amelia_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi ajmrstark,

I'm sorry for your concern and hope that you will take your LO to see a doctor about this redness. Check out our Circumcision - When to Call A Doctor Overview for more information to speak with your medical professional about.

I also have never heard of pulling the skin in this manner when caring for your son after circumsion , so I hope that you will also ask about these instructions.

Wishing you and your LO the best! Please keep us posted.

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