eniitan posted:
We have an appointment this week for our son's circumcision . A friend said that we would be instructed not to apply anything to the would but my mother Inlaw said applying penicillin would help make it heal fast and better. Any advice on this?
lenono97 responded:
The doctor will instruct you on how to care for the penis after the circumcision. We were told to apply vasoline at every diaper change for a couple of weeks. After that, there was nothing else we needed to do and it healed fine. Penicillin is only available with a prescription so the doctor would have to order it if she thought it was necessary.
tchance55 responded:
We were also told the same about using vasoline with both our sons for every diaper change. It helps keep the diapers from sticking while it heals. It only takes about a week or two. But your doctor will tell you exactly what to do and they usually give a paper or packet explaining the care of it.
Anmar22 responded:
Vaseline is the way to go, I've never heard of putting penicillin on it but you could check with your doctor. Hope everything goes smoothly for you!
eniitan replied to Anmar22's response:
Thanks all