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Can you give me tips for my baby's "skin asthma?"
An_243986 posted:
My little boy is 10 months and recently developed a small rash on his bottom and in the folds of his elbow. I did some web research while I wait for my doctor's appt in four days. This article led me to think it is skin asthma (sounds a lot like it) and then I remembered to check WebMD.

Long story short, I guess there is no real cure, but do any of you guys have any tips to maybe stop him from scratching or to provide some relief. I am really hoping that there might be some sort of natural type treatment like an oatmeal bath or something similar.

Thanks for any suggestions!
quintessa2 responded:
My baby has really bad exzema and we tried all kinds of things. The best I have found is tripple cream for every day use and Aquaphor for the really bad cracked spots. You have to put it on at least once a day twice even better. Morning and night. The main thing is to keep on top of it or the spots will get worse. Hope that helps...
You will also want to figure out what the triggers are for your baby that is causing this.We use All free and clear for detergent and do not use soap in the bath or scented lotions. If your baby is under 12 months they probably don't get very dirty at all and water cleans them up just fine. We don't even use shampoo he is very sensative. And only cotton clothing . Certain materials can cause breakouts and even the chemicals for finishing certain fabrics...
earleyml1012 responded:
I agree on the aquaphor on his bottom but on his elbows try Cortaid. My DD has ecezma on her face, chin, and neck we use the Cortaid on it and the reddish went away in two usages. Aquaphor is great on the bottom area.
shoxy responded:
This may sound weird, but try rubbing *organic* coconut oil daily on the spots. It works in a lot of cases..
paulbronson replied to quintessa2's response:
I have meant to thank you guys sooner, but when it rains it pours! Storm damage has kept us busy.

I started using aquaphor on his butt and his has really helped! Thanks for that tip. I'm glad I tried it right away because our doctor called in sick and had to cancel our appointment. It took another week to get him in. By then, much of the dryness and redness had started to disappear. The doc agreed with it being skin asthma so at least I know what we are up against.

Thanks everyone for the tips and I am going to also try the organic coconut oil that was talked about. I like natural solutions.
rona77 replied to paulbronson's response:
I also have a 4 month old son with skin asthma. any info. you can share would be greatly appreciated. thanks po...
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff replied to rona77's response:
Welcome Rona77 -

What have you tried so far? Has anything helped?

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sumis replied to Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff's response:
my ds has this too.when he has breakouts i use hydrocortisone
and for bath i massage with coconut oil and bathe him with only water and no soap .I use aquaphor baby shampoo and bodywash may be once a week

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