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Breastfeeding while taking lamotrigine?
MilGoe10 posted:
I take 300mg of Lamotrigine daily (150 mg in morning and 150 mg at night.) I am currently 20 weeks and 1 day pregnant. I take Prenatal Plus Tablet I'm not sure on the mg of that but on the pill it says BP 816. I was wondering if anyone else has taken Lamotrigine and was breastfeeding? If so what the effects on your baby is/was? I talked to my OB and ultrasound tech doctor about it but they both said no. My ultrasound tech doctor said that I should ask my pediatrician and neurologist. I'm due July 28th and I don't see my neurologist until June 29th. I really want to breastfeed but I wouldn't only breastfeed my baby she would be bottle feed too (when I'm at work) mother's milk is the best for baby's which is why I'd like to breastfeed as well.
Sara DuMond, MD, FAAP responded:
Congratulations on your pregnancy! Pregnancy is certainly a nervous time for many reasons, and concerns about medication effects during pregnancy and afterwards with breastfeeding are common. Lamotragine is considered a Class C medication, which means that studies are inconclusive regarding the effects of this drug on fetuses and breastfeeding newborns, but that there is some evidence in animal studies of potential harmful effects to babies. Most experts recommend avoiding breastfeeding in mothers taking this drug, mainly because it is absorbed in fairly high quantities through breast milk, and because babies' ability to metabolize, or process this drug is low, making many folks worry about levels of the drug accumulating in babies' systems rather quickly. You are already such a good mother, for looking into this early on in pregnancy. My advice to you is to hold off on making a final decision until after you've met with the neurologist. Chances are, the neurologist has already cared for multiple pregnant patients taking lamotragine, and will be able to offer you advice specifically tailored to you, the dose that you're taking, and your specific set of circumstances. Best wishes for the rest of your pregnancy and into new motherhood!
Dr. DuMond
An_244150 replied to Sara DuMond, MD, FAAP's response:
I took this same drug throughout my pregnancy and while breastfeeding -- I'm still breastfeeding. My doctor, a psychiatrist who specializes in women's mental health -- especially during pregnancy and postpartum, said it was more than fine and that the benefits of breastfeeding outweigh any potential risks. She said the baby gets a very small amount of the drug from your breast milk. The baby gets more in utero.

Do call your neuro before making a decision one way or another.
MilGoe10 replied to An_244150's response:
How many milligrams of lamotrigine did you take daily?
ebATL replied to MilGoe10's response:
I think I was taking 150 -- maybe upped it to 200 (it's all a blur). Everyone's situation is different, and you're on a higher dose, which is why you should ask your doctor. I have found that OBs and pediatricians aren't much help when you ask these types of questions.

Do know that whatever you end up doing, your baby will flourish whether you bottle or breastfeed.

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