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Sleeping with GERD
ArreynGrey posted:
My 3 (almost 4) month old son has GERD, and although we've been managing it with medication, he's had a lot of trouble sleeping. Fortunately, it hasn't affected his weight (he's actually pretty huge-- I think about 17 lbs now), and he's been much happier since we found a medication that works. But when he lies down, even on a decent incline, his breathing gets very wet and congested. I tried elevating the head of his mattress, but either his head flopped forward or he rolled into a corner. One attempted solution led to another, and we ended up finding that the only way he could sleep more than 15-30 minutes was for me to hold him.

So I've been holding him all night since he was about 2 months old. He'll sleep about 2-3 hours at a time that way, but every time I stir, he stirs, and vice versa. Needless to say, we're both exhausted, and his dad has abandoned us for the couch.

My boy is old enough now that we really need to build good sleep habits. But not only do I need to break him of only sleeping on me ( he usually wakes up the instant i even try to put him down), I still have to contend with the GERD. Help?
shoxy responded:
I prob shouldn't say this but.. we slept our daughter on her tummy since 2.5 months. She had GERD and acid reflux and there was no hope otherwise. It fixed that problem.
ArreynGrey replied to shoxy's response:
Dad and I want to try that, but (probably our own fault for trying to make tummy time fun) our LO looks upon being his stomach as play time, and gets very worked up. If that helped your daughter, though, it's certainly worth pursuing more. Thanks!

PS I'm not really into the SIDS hype, so although we put DS on his back to sleep, he's quite strong. I'm sure he'll survive other positions. Particularly since there's also a huge stigma against "co-sleeping" and "family beds," but I sleep with my boy in my arms every night. So far, he's still alive. So don't worry-- if this turns out not to work, I won't come looking to sue you for telling me to put him on his stomach lol Society is nuts sometimes.
lbcash replied to ArreynGrey's response:
Our son is 3 1/2 months old and the pediatrician advised us to let him sleep in his bouncy seat or swing. We had to do this with our first son too. We put his bouncy in his crib and we have a video monitor directed on him and he sleeps great. He has severe GERD and we were afraid he was going to aspirate because at night he would just wake up choking and gasping for air. I tried what you are doing too. I would hold him in the crook of my arm and it just wasn't enough. They also make safe sleepers that incline and have a net around them. I saw them at Babies R Us. If you want him close you may try one of those. Good Luck!!
earleyml1012 responded:
My DD has acid relux too and we tried propping the mattress but she kept rolling too. To keep her in position I used a boppy. I put her down then put the boppy under her butt like a U and she stayed put. This worked until about a month ago when she started trying to rollover so we had to take it out b/c she was waking up mad. Anyway, this could help for the time being then as he gets older the GERD won't be as bad. We've hit the 5 month mark and she's doing much better. Good luck! I've heard putting rice cereal in the bottle can help too but we choice not to go that route.
orin34 responded:
:lurking from almost 2 yr board:
When my son was born he spit up everything and everything that went down his throat. The pediatrician told us he had GERD, but that he was classified as a "happy spitter". He wasn't bothered at all about spitting up every two seconds and since it didn't bother him the dr advised against meds since he was gaining weight.....
For the first couple weeks we had him sleep with his crib mattress propped up a bit so he was laying at an incline. That helped him not choke on his puke. He learned to roll over pretty quickly and he liked sleeping on his tummy (I am not in the habit of moving a sound sleeping child.... whether he was sleeping on his tummy, back, sideways, or on his head... okay, well maybe I would move him if he was sleeping on his head).
ANYWAYS........ my point: It DOES get better. There is hope ladies. I didn't breastfeed we used formula. We started my son on rice cereal (not in his bottle...straight cereal using a spoon) as soon as he could manage it (it's been so long. I think he was 3 months old when he started rice cereal). As he moved into solids the problem slowly got better...... I think he stopped having problems altogether around the six or seven month mark .
ArreynGrey replied to orin34's response:
Good to hear that it does get better. We started him on rice cereal from the spoon this week and he's spitting up a lot less. I guess I'm just trying to avoid having a six-month-old who won't even nap unless I'm holding him, which is where we're headed. Ugh >.< It's a good thing he's so incredibly cute and sweet. If he wasn't, I think I'd be a lot more frustrated haha

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