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Cowgal7083 posted:
I'm jumping ahead here in the game, but I have some questions for parents.
I'm in the process of setting up my registry and I have some questions about strollers. I really like the idea of a jogging stroller for the ease off road. I have horses and so will be going ot the barn everyday to see them and I want to know that I will be able to push the stoller w/o issues. On the same note though, I have read a lot of reviews that say they are no good unless you are jogging. They basicly suck if you are doing around town stuff.
I know there are a lot of moms out there who already have little ones and I want to know what you chose and why. Help, my friends and family want to start buying and I want to know what to tell them. Thanks.
lenono97 responded:
I don't know anything about the jogging strollers. But I will tell you how I chose mine. We registered at Babies R Us. I took the strollers off the display and practiced folding them up and lifting them. We ended up choosing a Graco because it was easy to fold up with one hand and light enough for me to lift on my own. However, if you are going off-roading something with larger wheels would probably be easier. Good luck!
lbcash responded:
We have a Joovy. I think it's wheels would be great for going to the barn. Although we bought the one that's a dual for baby and young child (sit/stand seat). It is heavy though. Of course if you got just the regular Joovy and not the double it may not be as bad. I have a tall SUV and it is a complete pain to fold and hoist up in the back. Good luck in your choosing!!
ebATL replied to lenono97's response:
On thing to consider: Most jogging strollers are for babies 6 months or older because they lack head and neck support.

If you're not going to use it for jogging, you may want to consider one of the all-terrain strollers, which are good for rougher surfaces and side walks. They have bigger wheels, but aren't as large as jogging strollers.

A lot of the baby/parenting sites have stroller reviews as does Consumer Reports. Baby Bargains is another good site/book for baby gear. You may also want to check out Craigslist (if it's big in your area). People are always selling jogging strollers and it could be an option if you'd like one down the road.

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