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Ear infection vs sleeping routine
earleyml1012 posted:
So DD#2 was a great sleeper, sleeping through the night 7pm-6am and putting herself to sleep, she's just shy of 6 months old. Well Thursday night she woke up screaming and wouldn't sleep unless one of us held her, so we knew something was wrong. She had an ear infection and I was told it would take about 48 hrs for her to feel better. Well the rest of the weekend, she'd only fall asleep for naps if we were holding her, then we'd put her in her crib and the same for bedtime. Also, during the night she would wake at least once and the only way to get her back to sleep was feeding her. Has anyone had this happen? Will she go back to sleeping through the night and putting herself back to sleep? I think she still has a cold b/c she's coughing and sneezing...heck we all are! So I don't think she's feeling 100% better yet. Any thoughts?
lbcash responded:
Yep I just went through this with our 4 month old. He stopped drinking his bottle and it wound up being an ear infection. The pedi had us to have him sleep in his bouncy seat in his crib early on for his reflux. When we would lay him flat with his ears he couldn't and wouldn't sleep at all. But, when we put him in his bouncy he slept fine. So for about a week after finding out about his ear infection we had him to sleep in his bouncy seat. That was two weeks ago. He is now back on a regular schedule and sleeping on his back. Good luck and I hope your little one feels better soon!

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