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    I have a SCREAMER =O
    zabroza86 posted:
    My LO has become quite the screamer o_O Apparently he has been screaming at daycare but never really at home. HOWEVER, lately he has been screaming a lot more at home and little at daycare. He screams when I have him in his high chair and I'm in the kitchen, when I'm about to feed him baby food (which he doesn't like anymore), and when we put him in his car seat.

    I was thinking it had something to do with his 5th tooth coming in but nope.

    Any of y'alls LO going through this?
    KBratt responded:
    My DD is almost 2 & "wails" a LOT! Like pouting or whining, but it's more of a scream, does that make sense? Ugh, it drives me bonkers!! I hate it! We usually flap our hands in front of her mouth to make it playful then she starts laughing & will stop screaming...but I know how you feel!
    Katie: DH-Ryan, Kelsey 7/4/10
    zabroza86 replied to KBratt's response:
    so you're telling me...this isn't a "phase". o_O I'm pretty "new" okay not "new new" but 10 months new in raising a LO and he was fine before but I guess he just learned it from daycare. =\ I say it like that because my sisters keep telling me "Isaac was never like that....etc" so its pretty much makes me feel bad.

    However, I also play games with him and make him do the "indian sounds aka hand back/forth from mouth" but that only lasts for that short period. I'm just afraid he'll have that "only child syndrome".
    shoxy replied to zabroza86's response:
    Don't let it make you feel bad!! It's not your fault you have to have your child in daycare. I worked at a daycare in the past and saw it change some toddlers who started out so sweet and b/c of others had to become much more "confident" b/c otherwise they were taken advantage of. Hopefully it's just a stage!
    earleyml1012 replied to shoxy's response:
    My DD is about 6 months and there are times when she's upset that she cries/screams so hard that her face turns red. However, there are also times when she's happy and playing that she lets out little screams of excitement.

    Don't feel bad that he's picking up things from daycare, it happens to all children. As long as you teach him what's right/wrong I think he'll be a more well rounded child. My older DD has come home with actions and words that we do not approve of due to other kids at daycare. We just sit down with her and have conversations about how these are not good and if we see/hear them again she will have to sit in time-out. She's only said bad words once after that! I know 10 months is young to have conversations that he'll understand but it's still worth talking to him when he gets into a screaming fit. Then if he doesn't stop you can ignore the behavior since he's probably doing it for attention.

    Good luck! I'm sure it's just a stage.

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