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    Includes Expert Content
    CT Scan 9 months
    MSettle78 posted:
    I have posted on some other boards and got some nice words from moms. I am wondering if anyone has experiences with Hydrocephalus. My son has a big head, always has. Never really thought twice about it because his head looks EXACTLY like my husbands. My head is NOT small and my husbands is big as well. So At his 9 month apt his Dr measured his head and said that his head was off the charts. They tried to measure 3 times, it was like 49.5 . They asked me a bunch of developmental questions and he has NO Delay's. They said it is better to be safe than sorry and order the CT scan. I am freaking out and so nervous it is not scheduled until May 1st and I need to know now As the Dr walked out of the room he looked at me and said I am sure he is fine he just has a big head but lets just make sure. Also his head sweats ALOT not sure if that means anything. ANything will help ladies
    KBratt responded:
    I do not have any experience with this, but wanted to reply so you know someone did see it. I'm sorry for the stress & hope everything turns out well! Good Luck!
    Katie: DH-Ryan, Kelsey 7/4/10
    MSettle78 replied to KBratt's response:
    Thank you I appreciate it
    5ylver responded:
    My daughter has a very large head as well, I don't remember her head measurements but doctors seemed concerned with her as well because she was born with a subdural hemorrhage, they're concern was that it may be bleeding again though. it wasn't. they said she's fine. she just has a very large head like her daddy and grandma lol Also, she has had CT scans done. perfectly normal. oh and my daughter sweats a lot as well.
    5ylver replied to 5ylver's response:
    their* I just read my comment and it bothered me. I had to correct myself lol
    Sara DuMond, MD, FAAP responded:
    Hi MSettle78,
    I can imagine how frightened you feel right now. Familial macrocephaly (big heads that run in families) is a common cause for "off the charts" head circumference in children. Knowing that your husband has a large head and that your son is completely developmentally normal, this is certainly a possibility, which is likely why your doctor told you that he's sure everything is fine. The reality, however, is that this age is such a critical time for development, and we are obligated to explore it further when a child's head circumference is that far off the mark. Like your doctor said, it is a precaution, and many times reveals no underlying abnormality, but in my opinion, it is a test that is well-worth having done, to make sure that it truly is familial macrocephaly and nothing more. Keep us updated after the CT scan next week.
    Dr. DuMond
    lmalone4839 replied to Sara DuMond, MD, FAAP's response:
    Dr. DuMond:

    I thought this post was so interesting, as I am experiencing something similar-and I am worried sick!

    Our son has been in the 25%centile for his height and weight, and 40%centile for his head since birth. At his 4 month check-up yesterday, the doctor said his head is now in the 70%centile! She said we would watch it for hydrocephaulus, but didnt seem too concerned. Large heads do run in our family, and I didnt think much of it at the appointment.

    But then I made the mistake of getting on the net last night and discovered that this sort of rapid growth is associted with autism! If his head had always been big, it seems like the research would indicate that he would not be at risk, but since it grew so quickly, it's in line with an increased risk for autism. I'm so worried! I called the doctor, and she said that since he seems ok developmetally, not to worry-but how can I not?!?!

    I'm not sure what to do!
    brokenlove responded:
    My son who is now three and a half was born with a big head and his dr ran all kinds of test even sent him to a specialist to be checked out. He didn't have excess fluid like they first thought. He just has a big head, and it runs in our family, my entire family has larger then normal heads but since my son looked like a bobble head when he was born the drs were concerned. Dont remember the measurements since it was so long ago. He does and has always sweated alot. He did have a few developental delays like being able to sit without support due to his head was heavier then the rst of his body but he is a normal and healthy 3.5 year old who grew into his head, it still measures above normal in growth but as scary as it is being sent for all kinds of tests, everything may be just fine and your son may have a large head. The way i looked at it was it was better to run all kinds of test, and find out its nothing, then to not do the tests and later on find out there was something wrong. I hope everything turns out good for you. Sorry my response in so late i just joined the babys first year bored with my DD.
    shoxy responded:
    My daughter also had a big head and was off the charts by 6months. Big heads do not run in the family so there was some concern. Now, she has grown into her head and is very smart. At 6 months she was crawling, she is walking and now at 11 months is saying TWO word sentences which is a milestone for 2 year olds! She is only 11 months but seems to be perfectly fine. Also, her pedi said that she has noticed a spike in head size in most of her patients. Hope this helps to ease your mind!

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