Monday Check In 4/23
kell0613 posted:
Let's see who all is here! I know I'm guilty of lurking for quite a while, and would like to see the boards pickup!

Name: Kelly
LO(s): DD, 7 months, Nola

Milestone Update: Well, this week we had our first boo-boo. Nola was on the changing table and sat up while I was opening her diaper. (She's been doing this for a while now) She can bounce herself up and down, and something got her excited....and she face planted on the end of the table. Thankfully, she didn't fall off. But she got a little gash right by her eyebrow. She hardly cried, but I felt terrible! I know there are plenty of injuries to come, but I can't stand seeing her hurting
Kelly (26) and DD, Nola born 9/24/2011
earleyml1012 responded:
I'm here. I check almost every day for new posts and sometimes even start one myself. This is my second baby, so it's different but more fun this time around...less stressing about every thing.

Name: Michelle
LO(s): DD#1 - Alexandra 3 1/2 years DD#2 - Katelyn 6 months

Milestone Update: Katelyn has really been sitting up alone but still tumbles sometimes. She hardly wants to be laying on her back anymore unless it's sleeping time. She can say ma-ma when she's upset and wants me to pick her up and ba-ba when she's really hungry for a bottle.
Allaya9 responded:
Name: Alison
LO(s): DS, 7 almost 8 months, Lochlan

Milestone Update: Well, today little man stood for the first time on his own, holding onto something. I was able to snap a quick pic before he sat back on his butt. Now that he's learned how to crawl he can zoom around the house with incredible speed. He can say da-da, ma-ma and ba-ba for his bottle. Sometimes he says Hi but that is pretty rare.
Me(37) DH(38) Lochlan Sidney born 9/9/11
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
This is great! Keep the intro's and check-in going. Who's next?
~To be a child is to know the joy of living, To have a child is to know the gift of life.~ Author Unknown
KBratt responded:
LO(s): DD-Kelsey 22mo, DS-Riley 7wks

Milestone Update: It's a little early for him to be hitting milestones, but he has been staying awake more often during the day & is sleeping about 6hrs at night now:)
Katie: DH-Ryan, Kelsey 7/4/10
hgreenwood7058 responded:
I just saw the update post so I am late.

Name: Heather
LO(s): DS Carson 4 weeks today

Milestone update: so far not much since he is pretty new. He likes tummy time. He has a case of mild thrush and yesterday he was spitting up at almost every feeding poor lil man. Should get better with the treatment though. He is 9lb now which is great weight gain. He likes tummy time for about 15 minutes or so as well. He has also been trying to pull out his binkie and hold it and tries to put it back in sometimes.
missashley1010 responded:
Name: Ashley
LO(s): DS, 7 months, Kaden

Milestone Update: Kaden can now sit without falling over. He plays with so well with all his toys he babbles things like mama and dada. He also is starting to hold his own bottle, and he gets himself in the crawling postion and rocks back and forth lol hes not sure how to go forward yet but he will get there
candy352 responded:
Name: Candice
LO: DD, 5 months, Chastity

Milestone Update: She is babbling and trying to sit up by herself. Today she held her bottle!!!!

@kell0613: I know how you feel. Chazzy fell off the bed when she was about 3 months. She wasn't hurt, but I felt awful!
Candi 26, Dennis 37, DD Chastity 12/10/11