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No teeth yet
Allaya9 posted:
My son is almost 8 months old and hasn't cut any teeth yet, I've talked to other mothers and their babies have 4 to 6 teeth already while mine has none. I was just wondering if anyone else's babies were later in cutting their teeth. He does drool and chew on everything constantly. Mine didn't emerge until I was 9 months, but I was 6 weeks premature and he was born 1 day before his due date. I know it's normal to not have teeth until 9 or 10 months and theirs not much I can do. Just wondering if any other mother's have gone through this, waiting on teeth to emerge. Thanks in advance.
Me(37) DH(38) Lochlan Sidney born 9/9/11
yinka79 responded:
My son didn't get his first tooth until he was about 10 1/2 months old. It's perfectly normal.
kell0613 responded:
Well, my daughter is 7 months and has no teeth yet. She was 12 days LATE. She has been drooling and choping on absolutely everything for weeks....but no pearly whites. The Dr said until 10 months is normal. But I'm like you, all the othe babies born around the same time already have teeth!
Kelly (26) and DD, Nola born 9/24/2011
Sara DuMond, MD, FAAP responded:
Hi Allaya9,
Your question is a common one, so thank you for sharing it. There is a very wide range in norms for first tooth eruption in babies, from 3-4 months of age to 12-14 months of age. Based on that range, it is certainly not unusual for your son not to have any teeth yet. Keep in mind, that even without teeth, it's still fine to begin introducing developmentally-approrpiate texture/solids into their diet, including finger foods. Even once the first baby teeth have erupted, those front teeth are only used for biting, not chewing, so absence of teeth should not hold you back from introducing finger foods. Parents should watch that their babies make a chewing motion with their gums, and introduce only soft, easily dissolvable foods at first. Hope that helps!
Dr. DuMond
Allaya9 responded:
Thank you all so much for your responses, it helps to know that he's not the only one without teeth. Kell0613 I remember you from the 3rd trimester boards, we were close in our due dates. Yesterday I noticed a whiteness on his lower gums and when we looked closer there is a tooth making it's way out of the gums, it's just the bud but he's getting a tooth! Hopefully it won't cause him too much pain though he seems to be handling it pretty well and the drool has lessened.
Me(37) DH(38) Lochlan Sidney born 9/9/11

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