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    LO updates
    Ihgirl1066 posted:
    How is everyones lo's doin?
    My DD is 4 days shy of 7 months and has been sitting up unaided since she was about 4.5 months old, crawling for 3 weeks now and standing up on EVERYTHING for the past 2. Everyone always says boys are worse than girls bah, i thought DS was bad getting into everything, shes 10x worse! Its such a difference from DS, he didnt sit up alone until he was 8-9 months didnt crawl til 9 and didnt walk without holding onto something til he was almost 15 months!!
    kell0613 responded:
    My DD was 7 months yesterday, and sounds similar to yours. She was sitting up by herself around 4 months, and has been crawling for about 5 weeks. She started pulling up about 4 weeks ago and has just started taking tiny steps holding on to the coffee table. She seems bound and determined to be on the move! As for getting into stuff, she seems to have a knack to know exactly what I don't want her to get!!
    Kelly (26) and DD, Nola born 9/24/2011
    KBratt responded:
    My DS will be 8wks on Sunday, he is getting better holding his head up, he likes to be in the upright position so he can see everything...he is spending more time awake during the day now & sleeps about 6hrs solid at night:)
    Katie: DH-Ryan, Kelsey 7/4/10
    hgreenwood7058 responded:
    I just saw the post so I am a little late. My little man is 4 weeks old today! It has gone by fast so far. He has a bit of thrush so we are treating it and he spit up a lot yesterday. Almost every feeding which is a lot for him. Otherwise he is doing good. We took him into his pcp yesterday for the thrush and he is up to 9lb which is awesome. He was 7lb5oz when he was born (2.5 weeks early I might add) and he was only 6lb 11oz when he left the hospital so good weight gain. He likes tummy time. Although he also likes to lick the blanket we put under him so he isn't directly on the carpet. He wakes up every 2-3 hours at night to eat and get a diaper change and then goes back to sleep. He has also been trying to take his binkie out and put it back in.
    Allaya9 responded:
    Well, my little guy is a week away from 8 months and is doing so good. He's been crawling for about a month and boy is he fast! He just started pulling up and taking steps while holding onto the coffee table, sofa, etc. He's also getting into everything we've had to baby proof and move things out of his reach. He's so determined to get moving that I think he gets a bit frustrated sometimes especially when he falls on his butt. Finally saw a tooth emerging the other day and I think more are coming as he's been extra fussy, poor little guy. He's such a sweetie though flirts with all the women when we go to the store.
    Me(37) DH(38) Lochlan Sidney born 9/9/11
    lbcash responded:
    My DS will be 5 months old on 5/11. He's starting to really roll around a lot. I can put him down at night and when I look at the monitor a few hours later he's upside down from how I laid him down. He is eating solids and starting to sit up a little better each day, with less support. He's also discovered his feet. He thinks his feet are the best toys ever. With him being my second DS it seems to be going by even faster if that's possible.
    Ihgirl1066 replied to KBratt's response:
    Kbratt, so jealous of ppl with babies like this lol, Good for you on the sleeping!!
    KBratt replied to Ihgirl1066's response:
    My DD started sleeping 12hrs straight at 8wks old- she is now 22mo & still sleeps 12-14hrs at night then take a 2hr nap during the day:) DS is 8wks & sleeps about 85% of the day, plus does a nice 6-7hr stretch at night, which is really nice now that I am weening him off the breast
    Katie: DH-Ryan, Kelsey 7/4/10

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