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    jadan matthew has arrived
    mom2aboy3 posted:
    jadan was due may 31st but was born may 7th he was born at 36 w 4 days i was glad to have him finally considering i had been in and out of the hospital with contractions i was 4 cm dialated for 4 weeks to the day he was born he was 7lbs 4 oz he came pretty fast i went into labor at 530 pm and he was born at 914 in the evening i got to the hospital at 8 due to havign to get my 5 yr old ready to go to grandmas and waited for my fiance to get home from work which was a mistake because when i got to the hospital i was 8 cm dialated and couldnt get any pain meds due to beign so far along we hd to stay at hospital for 3 days because the baby was born with opiets in his system due to being giving pain meds at the last time i was in labor and delivery and they had to make sure he wasnt gogin to withdrawl i knew he wouldnt because i dont do anything like drugs or drink so they looked int he file and ofund they gave me pain meds to go home with to help me sleep 3 days prior to having him but they still had to be on safe side when we came home he was only 7 lbs even and had juandice and we took him to his pedi 2 days later and he sent him for blood work and he was still 7lbs even so he told us to feed him every 2 hours and to force him to eat 2 oz each time and come back monday and when we went back monday he weighed 7lbs 2 oz and he just had his 2 week check up and he weighed 7lbs 14 oz so hes slowly gaining juandice is gone and we wernt sure why he would spit up threw his nose we cant give him more then the 2 oz of formula at a time because then hes fussy and spitting up again threw his nose his doc told us the reason he only spits up threw his nose is because he has real bad reflux and to feed him little bit liek 2 oz every 2 hours unless he seems to want more frequently but wee tryed bumping him up to three because 2 dont hold him and like i said he gets real fussy well see how things go for the next 2 weeks also when he was born he was so bruised because of antibiotics i was on for a uti 2 weeks prior to havign him and alsohe was born with a natural circumcision he pees up his back which he will have to eventually see a specialist to have that fixed hoping this just passes we found if when we change him if we place his pee pee upward he doesnt pee up his back go figue my poor lil baby has some issues right now and i still think hes perfect even with all hes gogin threw right now
    kell0613 responded:
    Glad your little guy made it here safely! Hope he continues to do better and better! Is he your first?
    Kelly (26) DH (32) and DD Nola born 9/24/2011
    mom2aboy3 replied to kell0613's response:
    no this was my fourth pregnancy this is my second living child my first living child is a healthy 5 yr old boy before him i lost a baby boy at 20 weeks and befor that the first pregnancy was a miscarriage but my 5 yr old was born at 33 weeks gestation and was healthy then too
    Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Congratulations and Welcome Mom2aboy3!

    Sound like you both have been off to a rough start, I am sorry to hear things have not been easy.

    Slow and steady with the feedings will hopefully help with weight gain and spitting up.

    Take one day at a time and enjoy your precious little guys. Please keep us posted and remember to check in on our Monday Minutes .

    Blessings to you and the new addition to your family,
    ~To be a child is to know the joy of living, To have a child is to know the gift of life.~ Author Unknown
    mom2aboy3 replied to Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff's response:
    jadan was dagnosed with reflux at his 2 week apt things are getting off to a rough start but honestly i guess i woudl say i wouldnt want it any other way that he didnt feel was necessary i guess if hes fussy for now i can deal with it he has his awake times useually bout 2 streight hours in the morning and then again in the evening actually think things are worse in the night then anything he seems ok during the day im still trying to catch up on some sleep sence he thinks night time he should cry alot his pedi says hes advanced in ways because hes always throwing his arms around and his legs he says hes already trying to adjust and get the kinks out im sure its just cause hes moving his arms and legs so much that he is making himself roll over but the other day he went from his stomache to his back but yet he can move from his back to his side but not back to stomache hes only 3 weeks old but like i said im sure its just all the movement from his arms and legs making him do it
    Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff replied to mom2aboy3's response:
    It is difficult to see your LO fussy and uncomfortable.

    I have a friend who would call me, they would be standing outside their front door when I arrived and then would drive away, usually no words spoken, they were at their wits end! I would hold a very fussy, crying baby for a couple hours to give them a break. Please make sure you are taking care of yourself and getting a break when needed.

    Here are a couple resources to check out regarding reflux -
    10 Tips to Soothe Your Crying Baby - Slideshow
    GERD & Acid Reflux in Infants
    ~To be a child is to know the joy of living, To have a child is to know the gift of life.~ Author Unknown

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