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Baby nasal issues
brittanypaulbertocchi posted:
My son is 10 weeks old.From day 1 he has had issues breathing and his eyes were crusty alot, the doctors said he just had alot of fluid that he would be better. At 4 weeks they said he could have something call congenital decromyinal where his tear duct and nasal passage on 1 side is narrow or has a piece of skin flap. His eyes are all better but he still having trouble breathing and you can hear it. The doctor said hes just colicy. I know thats not the case. What does anybody suggest. I'm thinking about telling the dr. I want to see a specialist. He gets so mad cause he can't breath he just cries nothing we do can't make him better.
earleyml1012 responded:
DD had sounded like she had issues breathing too and it turns out she has acid reflux. Does he spit up a lot? My pedi said that the spitting up can affect their nasal passages making it sound like they are having a hard time breathing. You might want to look into that. Now DD is 7 months old and has been on medication since 4wks, so she sounds so much better. Her breathing still sounds heavy at times but our pedi said not to be worried unless it is like that at a year.

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