Teething and sleep
earleyml1012 posted:
DD is 7 months and has been a pretty good sleeper for a while now. However, lately if she doesn't fall asleep with her bottle at bed time we have to rock her to sleep. Before she would just fall asleep on her own. Also, the last few nights she's been waking around 3-4am and we have to rock her again until she's SOUND asleep. If we try to put her in her crib before she's sound asleep she'll start screaming but as soon as we pick her up she's sleeping in our arms again. Last night we did this for about an hour before I finally just brought her to bed with me. I need a full night sleep again! Anyone else deal with this during teething? Any suggestions? We gave her motrin at bed time and then tylenol when she woke at 3am. Not sure what else to do. She is NOT the type of baby that we can let her CIO b/c she'll scream forever until you pick her up. Plus we have a 3 yr old that we don't really want to wake up.
kell0613 responded:
My DD did the same thing when she was pushing her first tooth...about the same age as yours. It went on for about a week, and (unfortunately) the only thing that calmed her was feeding. She did eventually start sleeping thru the night again though, and now she's doing better than she was. Hang in there, it won't last forever. She's just uncomfortable.
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