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EmeraldSkye84 posted:
My son is 5 months old.Recently when I have been wiping him, I have felt a little lump that moves around inside his testicles. Is that normal?
Sara DuMond, MD, FAAP responded:
Hi Emerald Skye84,
Lumps and bumps in babies can be very hard to interpret. Testicular lumps can be a variety of things. One possibility is that you are feeling the actual testicle itself. While that may sound funny, the reality is that babies' testicles often move around in the scrotum quite a bit, and I would describe their feel as a small marble. Some little boys also have small hydroceles, which is a collection of fluid within the scrotal sac that naturally goes away over time in most cases. As long as it does not seem to be painful, the skin overlying the area is not red or inflamed, and the lump is not growing, just make a point to mention it to your doctor at your son's next check-up.
Dr. DuMond

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