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Milk Supply after the Pill
An_246350 posted:
I started the Mini Pill, which is not supposed to interfere with milk supply. Mine is almost gone after 5 days. I stopped using it. I'm so frustrated and upset. I really regret going on birth control. I want to re establish my supply and am having very little luck.

My son is hardly 2 months. I intended on nursing him for the first year. What do I do? I am so upset by this.
brokenlove responded:
try pumping inbetween feedings to help pick up stimulate your breast to make more milk.
hgreenwood7058 responded:
The mini pill can affect breast milk supply but not always. Try pumping in between feedings and also try nursing him often to start building up supply again. If you want to consider a birth control that does not interefere with supply. I also did a lot of research and asked a lot of questions. Implanon or the IUD is known not to interfere with supply. I got the implanon and my supply has not changed at all (it is a progestin only birth control so no estrogen which i am sensitive to). Its good for 3 years and can be taken out at any time. I got the implanon when Carson was about 9 or so weeks old and he is now 14.5 weeks and no difference at all in supply. My Ob actually said the IUD or Implanon are one of the safest ones to choose right now. I like the implanon because I know it won't fall out and won't grow into my uterus (though thats rare). Good luck and best wishes.

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