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palvarad posted:
For the last month my 7 month old has had a persistent cough that has bothered him. Now while he hasn't had a fever that coughing has been a real pain and it started disrupting his sleep pattern. I've been taking him to his doctor's office for what feels like every week since the cough started. I'd like to think that I know my child, and when he started coughing I knew something was wrong. It wasn't allergies or a cold. His doc kept saying its fine, just keep cleaning his nose and doing steam showers with him in the bathroom to open up his airways. So when it got worse this past weekend I took him back to the doctor and saw a different one in the practice and he confirmed that my son had an ear infection and that he heard slight wheezing in his cough. Now, I have asthma and come from a long line of asthmatics. My husband's family, too, has asthma. It's my longstanding fear that my children will have it too. I've mentioned this every visit with my son's regular doctor and she kept telling us that she didn't hear wheezing. Now while it isn't severe, it's still there. And with the humidity in New York City and with air pollution that only serves to trigger asthma attacks. What REALLY upset me was that this doctor kept blowing us off, and it took 3-4 visits to see someone who would listen! Did I see my child in distress? No. But he's only 7 months and he can't speak for himself, and so each visit I kept insisting that I knew it was something more than just a regular cough (what does that mean anyway??) and here he is with an ear infection and what could possibly be the early signs of asthma. I hate that part of me felt vindicated, that I know my baby and his moods and he doesn't wake up coughing for lack of a better thing to do. I'm switching doctors in the practice and no longer seeing his former doctor.
I had to rant. I'm guilty of listening to one doctor and thinking their word is law, but in this case I knew it wasn't standard. I'm just upset that my poor little man has had this cough for an entire month now!
hgreenwood7058 responded:
I am sorry to hear that. I totally understand where your coming from and would have gotten a second opinion as well. I am glad you saw someone else and someone who actually listened. I am also an asthmatic and so is my mom and aunts as well. I will be watching my son very closely. He is 3.5 months right now. Did they give you a nebulizer for home? I am not sure what age they start that but its something to maybe discuss with the new doctor. If that doesn't help and you stop getting answers maybe ask for a referral to a pulmonology doctor, ENT or Allergy depending on what it could be. Best wishes

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