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Newborn and head cold
An_246775 posted:
My 5 weeks old grandson weighs 13 lbs and has a head cold, no fever. Can I give him infant motrin?
Jackie03291 responded:
Motrin is not used to treat a cold, it is used to treat a fever, so no I would say not. Also, I always find it's best to check with my pediatrician first before giving anything when they are that young. Using saline spray and a nose suction bulb are great if he is congested or dealing with a runny nose. If it is congestion, you could bring him in the bathroom, close the door and let the shower run very hot to get the bathroom steamy and that will help the mucus in his nose run and then you can suction it with the sucker. Humidifiers are great too! You could also try propping up his head in his crib by putting a small blanket under his crib mattress to prop it up a little so that it helps mucus drain. Good luck and I hope he gets better quickly!
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Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Anon -

In addition to the great info Jackie provided, I wanted to pass along this video -

Treating Baby's Cold

How is your grandson doing this week? Hope he is feeling better.

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