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bottle propping
jkeith304 posted:
I just found out that my BF has been propping our 6 week olds bottle with blanket in her bassinet then leaving her alone. He doesn't see anything wrong with this. How can I get him to see how dangerous, lazy and irresponsible this is? I'm not even sure that I trust him to watch her anymore.
hgreenwood7058 responded:
Tell him by leaving her unattended with a bottle (especially this young) could fall out of her mouth or even not and she could aspirate/choke on the fluid and potentially drown. I know thats scary but it can happen. Babies should not be left unattended with any food/liquid period especially that young. Also note that if that baby turned to its side or wriggled and that blanket came down it could cause suffocation. You should not leave a blanket in the bassinet just to prop a bottle. A blanket should only be used if you are using it to swaddle. He may not listen. You may have to take him to the doctor during her next check up and tell the doctor so he/she can talk to him about it so he can understand the dangers of it coming from a professional. If he will not listen then I would find someone else to watch your daughter who you are comfortable with and will listen. Best wishes.
angy1984 responded:
my bf use to do that too. what i did wa tell him not to do it. and if he doesnt listen then you can do what i ended up doing put the little one in day care. if you cant afford daycare there is a state thinhg that will help you pay for it all you have to do is ask the daycare for the paper work and they will give it to you i found out alot of parents need this

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