JohannaA_ posted:
Please i am looking for a good book to learn about breastfeeding any recommendation....
hgreenwood7058 responded:
I ended up not finding a book but most places like hospitals and things have classes you can take and the breastfeeding ones are generally free. That is what I did. Also kellymom . com is also a good resource that was recommended to me by the lactation lady at the hospital.
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi JohannaA and Welcome -

Glad to have you join us! I can picture the book I had but don't remember the name.

We do have a great WebMD Breastfeeding Guide with videos, tips, other resources and a Breastfeeding Community -

WebMD Breastfeeding Guide
Breastfeeding Support Group

How old is your little one?

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thank u!!!
JohannaA_ replied to Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff's response:
Hi Elizabeth
i am pregnant but want to be aware of how and tips for breastfeeding
thanks for the info
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Definitely see if your OBGYN has a lacatation specialist! Both of my OB's for both of my pregnancies have had one and they have always provided me with TONS of great information and been available to ask questions.
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i have a great mommy group if you want to join everyone is super nice, and always eager to help!