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    Head size doesn't correlate with length
    aldoubleday posted:
    My daughter was born 7 weeks premature, so she is doing a lot of catch up growing. At her 4 month well child check he head seemed to be growing quickly, especially in comparison to her length (which has always been small). The doctor was a little concerned so she brought us back for another check up in a month. We had that check up today, and the circumference of her head was growing, not abnormally, but not proportional to her length growth. I understand that she is premature, so she will be slower in some areas of development. It just worries because now they are doing an ultrasound on her head and we at starting Physiotherapy classes (she refuses to do tummy time and lift her head, and I'm afraid this is because it's too heavy). I was so shocked when the doctor told us, I didn't ask too many questions. I understand that they are looking from fluid of something, but what kind treatments would result if we got back a negative result. Also, a side note. There was a hemorrhage on her brain in the NICU, but very small. The doctors there thought it was just a bruise from delivery, and so unconcerned with it they didn't order another scan. Considering my difficult pregnancy and delivery, I'm extremely worried. Could someone give me some advice or stories if they've gone through this? Thanks.
    Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hi Aldoubleday -

    While waiting for others to respond I wanted to pop in to welcome you to the community.

    I can understand your concern and so sorry you have been through so much so far. Good to hear your doctors are being cautious and proactive though.

    My daughter was born at 36 weeks and also did not like tummy time, rolling over or holding her head up. We were concerned because her head was flat, but not enough to warrant a helmet. I remember it seemed like all of a sudden she just caught up. She went from being happy and content just laying around to pulling up on things. It's almost like she bypassed the rolling over and crawling stage.

    Love your pic, she sure is beautiful!

    ~To be a child is to know the joy of living, To have a child is to know the gift of life.~ Author Unknown
    angy1984 responded:
    my child was not premature but its my understanding that if your baby is premature you cant hold her to the same time frame as babys that were born on time. they may take longer to get where they need to be but even full term babies develope on their own time. and her head may be a little to heavy for her but you said it was growing remember her little body is racing to try to catch up she will eventually hold her head up she needs time tho. a woman who works with me her grandson was full term and didnt roll over until he was a year old. i'm telling you this so you see every baby is different, but they all even out in the end. my grandma was born when her mom was 6 months pregnant and she is perfectly fine so try not to stress to much. keep us posted your little one is so cute

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