3 Week Old...wanting to eat every 2 hours.
HTCMom posted:
From birth I was told that my baby boy would want to eat every 3-4 hours (he is a formula baby) However he mostly wants to eat every 2 hours. He is pretty consistent and eating 2 1/2 - 3 plus oz each feeding, has had 2 - 4 oz feedings but its like he has a little alarm clock that goes off after 2 hours and he wants food ASAP. In the night the 2 hour interval continues but he will fall asleep and never get a good feeding. Is there something I am doing wrong or something else I could be doing to get him to eat more at night. For instance last night one feeding he only took an ounce and a half...

**I have had one day that he went every 3 hours for feedings during the day but then by the 7pm hour he wanted food every 2 hours again.

Thanks for your advice.
BekahS responded:
This sounds perfectly normal...unfortunately for you. All babies are different and 3-4hours for a newborn seems a bit long. Yes, it's true that formula fed babies are supposed to stay fuller longer than breastfed babies. But....my 11week old is formula fed now (he was breastfed eatting EVERY 2 hours) and eats 6oz every 3 hours, 4 hours if I'm lucky. He does manage to sleep thru about half the night but it's taken a while for this.
Good luck and remember all babies are different. As long as he's gaining I wouldn't worry. And congrats!
hgreenwood7058 responded:
this is perfectly normal. My son is not formula fed but some babies including my son want to eat every 2 hours which is normal. As he gets older he may eat a little more and not as frequently. Carson still eats every 2 hours with the exception of at night when its every 3-4 hours. You just get used to having a bottle prepared and ready so that when he wants it, he gets it sooner rather than later. With formula they do tend to eat a little less frequently but when they are going through growth spurts or just being a particular little one they will eat more frequently.
angy1984 responded:
my son did the same thing the hospital tells you a general every 4 hours. if he is hungry every 3 or 2 then i would just feed him that offten. because he is hungry or needs the nutrition. dont worry about it your baby in normal