Congestion or something else?
BabyRyder51712 posted:
I have a 3 month old son and for almost a week now he has had congestion. When he breaths, especially when he has a pacifier or a bottle in his mouth it sounds worse. He does cough sometimes and has been spitting up a little more than usual. How do i know if this is congestion or something else? Could he possibly have a narrow nasal passage? Ive been wanting to take him to the Dr. but some people say they wont do anything for him without a fever. And he hasnt ran a fever at all. Look forward to hearing some tips and advice bc i am freaking out.
angy1984 responded:
my son did the same thing when he was 3 months old. they told me to use a humidifier in his room, and if u want u can get baby nose spray and suck the boogers out. but dont freak out with my baby he was starting to teeth, it makes them spit more and yes they choke on their saliva. if u want to check if he is wash your hands and feel his gums if u feel bumps on them then hes starting to teeth. and yes the dr. wont do much without a fever but u can go in to get their advice believe me i did. just remember you are his mom you have the right to bring him in if u want to.