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2 month old sleepy time trouble
jmorgan87 posted:
My baby is 2 months old and is generally happy and healthy. She will go an hour or so after waking up happy, cooing and talking, sitting contentedly in her bouncer or swing, playing with me. After an hour, consistently, she gets cranky and starts to fuss. I assume she's tired so I try snuggling or laying her down, giving her a pacifier, swaddling, but no matter what I do she gets more upset until she's screaming/crying and is inconsolable. Eventually she wears herself out and takes a pacifier and falls asleep, wakes, screams, sleeps for at least 20 minutes. When she seems sound asleep I try to sit while holding her or lay her down, either way she wakes. I cant get her to take a good nap and I cant get her to sleep without the screaming and crying. I assume this is normal, but when does it ease up? At what age can I expect some relief? Am I missing something, some way to get her to sleep easy? Like I said she seems happy when she's initially awake and she isn't especially gassy, rarely spits up, eats well and consistently.
capriciousangel31 responded:
My baby is 3 weeks 4 days and I have found that when nothing is working and she seems tired if I just lay her down in her crib for a bit she will put herself to sleep or will get close to being asleep and then I will pick her up and she crashes.
not saying it works every time but it does work here and there

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