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Pee Pee allergy
NatBugsMom posted:
This seems very strange to say but could my daughter possibly be allergic to her own urine? We have tried so many things to help this random diaper rash (antibiotics, creams, soak baths) and it will get better but then once she pees even if I change her diaper right away it still comes back. I have went to the doctors for yeast infections for her, regualr diaper rash, and over and over again they say its just a diaper rash. Since she has been 4 months old this has been going on and she is a year old!!
Sara DuMond, MD, FAAP responded:
Hi NatBugsMom,
I am so sorry to hear about your daughter's never ending diaper rash. That must be so frustrating. While allergies to urine are not heard of, other dermatologic/skin conditions can cause a constant rash in the diaper area, as well as some vitamin deficiencies or contact allergies (to certain diaper or wipes brands). Since it sounds like you have tried numerous things to treat the rash, and since none of them seem to be helping, it might be helpful to visit a pediatric dermatologist. It is certainly possible that she is truly experiencing "just a diaper rash" and not something more complicated, but it would be nice to be able to have some new suggestions for topical creams and regimens to try, even if that is the case. While I cannot recommend specific treatments here, a pediatric dermatologist may be able to. Good luck and keep us posted.
Dr. DuMond
angy1984 responded:
a woman i work with had problem like this woth her son but with bowl movements. it ended up he was allergic to something he was eating and when it came out the other end it gave him a rash. maybe your daughter has kinda the same problem. good luck
Olivia_WebMD_Staff responded:

I hope that as Dr. DuMond suggested you took your child to see her pediatrician to find out if she's truly got diaper rash or something else is going on. If you get a chance, post and tell us what happened. Sometimes sharing your experience really helps others in the community.

Also, for you and others who may have diaper rash questions in the future, here are some great resources for Diaper Rash from right here at WebMD.

Hope your little one's rash has cleared up!

Take care,

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