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back to back ear infections in 5 month old
mom2aboy3 posted:
my son is 5 months old when we took him to his 4 month check up he had a upper respiratory infection and an ear infection his pedi put him on antibiotics and had us come back the following week so he could check his ears and make sure the antibiotic did its job in which he said he didnt have a ear infection anymore gave us a clean bill of health and then monday he was weezy a little bit from his cold and so we called his pedi they told us they wanted to see him as soon as possible so we took the next available appt that day and took him in for the cold and his pedi discovered he had yet another ear infection not in just one ear but in both i guess that was why he was so misurable he put him on antibitotic once again and he seemes to be feeling better but then today he started to pull at his ear and is misurable and just wants to cry all the time and he only wants to sleep for 20 min maybe 30 min if im lucky he was sleeping through the night from 3 months on then he got sick with a cold and that was all over he keeps getting this cold and then to follow the ear infections now to ad to my concerns when he was born 36 w 4 days he had 3 heariing tests the first one he failed they did another one the next day and he failed in just one ear then was repeated when he was a week old and he passed i was just wondering if with the failing the first 2 hearing tests and now the 2 ear infections in less then a month i think it was 24 days between his apts and all should i be concerned i was planning if he isnt seeming to feel better by monday to give his pedi a shot again i just hate making a fuss but in all honesty my sister in law thinks were crazy for taking him to the docs and all to start with buut were not her we dont liek to see our kids misurable all the time and we only take them i we feel its necessary and all just cause she doesnt take her children when she probly should and all ive seen her kids have fevers 103 and above and fight them for 3 or 4 days and she not do anythign other then tylenol but i know to call the doc after so long because its not good for children to have high fevers for to long my oldest sons fevers got uncontrolable he would literally have a low one and with in a mattter of an hour it would be 104 or even i think the highest was 104.7 and he was so hot to the touch and he would shake from it almost as if he was havign a seizure which the first time this hapened he was 3 months old and in th emiddle of the night woke us up as bad as he was shaking we called an ambulance and took him in cause we thoguht he was seizing so i dont play around with fevers or my babys health any sugguestions woudl be greatly appreciated ive read alot of articles on babies and ear infections and home treatments as well as antibiotics oo i shoudl probly say hes on a stronger antibiotics then last time
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Mom2aboy3 -

I'm so sorry you and Jadan are having to go through this.

I didn't see your post last week and wanted to check in to see how you guys are doing.

You many have already seen this, but just in case you haven't - Baby Ear Infections Directory

Hoping he is better this week,
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