Herpes simplex 2 on my 2year old sons nose
Questionsaboutso posted:
My son that is two years old has had herpes simplex 2 on his nose four time since he was born, I know someone that take lysine daily and has no outbreaks i found a liquid version and wondering if i could give it to him daily....If anyone can help me it would be great he has had it three time in the last two months and kind of hard to deal with
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Questionsaboutso -

Poor little guy, this has to be so frustrating for both of you! Best to check with his doctor since unfortunately I could not find lysine specific info.

In the meantime, these resources may be helpful and spark questions for your doctor -

Herpes Simplex Overview
Cold Sores Home Treatment
Slideshow - Coping With Cold Sores

Be sure to check back in to let us know what you find out. Sharing your experience will really help others in this community.

Hoping you find answers soon,
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