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Help!! I have a 3 week old!!
jessiekaur posted:
Ok, where do I start? The pregnancy and the delivery were to easy parts...but the last three weeks have been the hardest of my entire life. I'm a medical student on a leave of absence and even medical school wasn't this draining. My 3 week old son wakes up so many times at night and even when he's sleep, he's fussy and keeps making noises and moving around. It's the same during the day and I'm completely drained and stressed out.

I try to do everything right and worry like crazy! This is my first (and last) child and before this I had no idea how to take care of a newborn. If I'm not taking care of him, I'm washing his bottles, clothes, etc...

He has a bowel movement about 10 or 11 times a day and I probably check his diaper to make sure it's clean at least 30 times a day (because I don't want him to sit in a poopy diaper). I worry constantly that I'm doing something wrong.

Can the people out there please give me some advice? Is this how it was for your also or is it just me?? And will it ever get better? I go back to school in 6 months, will things settle down by then?? Please help!!
Zaysmama responded:
Hey there, I can tell you are completely stressed out and overwhelmed so first, just take a deep breath! You aren't doing anything wrong.

Some babies fuss in their sleep and it doesn't mean anything is wrong with your LO and newborns have alot of bowel movements but they slowly decrease! Depending on how the bowel movements are, you may need to change LO's formula. My baby boy was originally on similac advanced but he was having bowel movements more than he was wet, so we tried similac soy, same issue, finally the doc told me to use the alimentum and that has helped alot and then as a bit of cereal to thicken it up... Now he is less than 3months old and has one, maybe two BMs a day. It has helped alot, so speak with LO's pediatrician about that!...

Everything will get better, by 4months babies are able to sleep thru the night without a feeding. some babies do, some don't but they have the ability to. In the beginning both my LOs woke up 3 times a night and it slowly decreased, the baby is now only awaking once a night from 10 or 11pm until 7 or 8am.

If the baby is in your room, try putting him in another and just using a monitor and turning it down so that you dont hear the little fusses but will still hear when he wakes up for a bottle and cries. Don't feel guilty for doing that because you need sleep in order to take care of him and function!... So again, breathe and try to relax, it does get easier!!!

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