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Baby still not sleeping through
Delcoet posted:
My baby girl is 11.5 months and still waking regularly at night. Being a working mother this has a real negative effect on my life! I am considiring sleep training but have my concerns. I was breastfeeding and combined it with formula bottle since 5 months when I had to return to work. Baby know have 180ml of formula milk when I lay her down. She is a good eater. She will finish her bottle, sits up moans for dummy and fall onto her blanket and falls asleep (on the good nights). Then most nights she will wake 11pm and again 2am on the dot. Her crying is a bit distressed. We sometimes need to pick her up and can lay her down quiet quickly again with the dummy. Sometimes she wakes an hour later again. Other times she does not calm and I give in by breastfeeding. Afterwards she falls asleep without the dummy. Could she have night terrors? Seperation anxiety? In which case "cry it out" sleep training could be cruel. Or is she simply relying on Mommy or Daddys attention to fall asleep again? I am desperate for a solution. I tired wife is dangerous! And Im sure the extra weight gain is also due to the bad sleeping. Please help!!
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Delcoet and Welcome!

Doesn't sound like anyone is getting any sleep in your house, I am sorry to hear this. What is her nap schedule during the day?

While waiting for others to respond (I know we have some working moms to chime in) I wanted to pass along this resource -

Tackling Toddler Sleep Problems

Fingers crossed for a good nights sleep!
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Delcoet replied to Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff's response:
Hi Elizabeth!
Thanks for the concern. She sleeps around 9 / 10 am for about 2hours and then in the afternoon around 3 (which she tries to fight against).
But we had some new developments this wkd! I was dead tired on Friday and just decided it is now or never to start doing something about the sleeping. Mia was in her cot and when she throughed her dummy out, I decided that's it. My husband and I decided to take the route where we will stay in the room with her. She does not get a dummy and will not be picked up. It took about an hour of crying and mouning before she fell asleep. The next wake up time again an hour and only 15min the second time. We continued this with her day naps. I had to sit with her again at bedtime the 2nd night for about an hour...not much crying but fighting against the sleep. She woke up once and my husband only had to cover her with the blanket again. Last night (3rd night) she fell asleep without moaning once. At 2am she gave a loud cry and I was still getting myself up when she quiet downed again and only woke this morning at in my books that is sleeping through the night!

I thought it will be much harder, a lot more crying, so I am surprized at how easy it went. But it is still early. But I am hoping that if we keep doing what we r doing that Mia will sleep through most of the nights!
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff replied to Delcoet's response:
WooHoo!!! Keep up the good (but emotional) work!

Fingers crossed for continued longer nights of sleep!

~To be a child is to know the joy of living, To have a child is to know the gift of life.~ Author Unknown

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