My Daughter REFUSES to sleep PLEASE HELP!!
Rileysmommy915 posted:
my daughter was perfectly content and happy until the exact day she turned 5 weeks old. then she started screaming for hours. then she went back to being normal. well now she will be 3 months old on december 15 and she will scream and cry bloody murder and will not go to sleep. i donit understand because she has no problem taking her usual naps but when itis bedtime she is flipping out to the point im scared she is hurt or somethings wrong if anyone has any insight please help the doctors donit ever take me serious when ever i describe her i donit think they realize how bad it really is sometimes
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Rileysmommy915 and Welcome!

Please know you are not alone, bedtime routines can be so emotionally frustrating. What is your nighttime routine?

Here are some resources to check out -

A Guide to Baby's Sleep and Naps
Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night

Need some moms to chime in to share support and advice!!!

Let us know your routine now and maybe we can make some suggestions to change it up,
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sumis replied to Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff's response:
did you check for colic.Esp is she cries in night that could be an issue