Weight and Breastfeeding
jenngordon posted:
My daughter is 7 mo 2 wks old. I am nursing her and have since birth. She does eat baby food but doesnt take a bottle or cup. (although due to her teeth we are trying to get her to take a bottle of pumped milk) Anyway, I am NOT losing any weight at all. I have actually gained weight since having her in May. I have had a hard time losing weight before and ended up on phentermine to lose it. I know I cannot take that or anyother diet type of pill. I have seen the stuff for the Natural Green Coffee Bean, Do you know if that is safe for use during bf? It states it is a natural supplement but I am leary of anything harming my baby. I have disc problems in my back, bursitis in my hips and bad knees so my "exercise" is limited..not totally omitted but limited. Do you have any suggestions.

~over weight and desprite to LOSE it
sumis responded:
Have you tried low imapct yoga