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Food refusal
An_249578 posted:
I have a 10month old granddaughter who is 6% in weight and doesn't accept anything in her mouth. This can't be normal behavior, all babies put EVERYTHING right in their mouth and eat nearly everything. She will only take a bottle no solids--- did mommy miss the window to train her to eat or is there something else seriously wrong. I am VERY concerned.
she looks 4 months old. what can be done. I am frantic she needs to learn to eat what can be done? Please help!!!!!!!

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Title- Food rejection
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cdonovan1982 responded:
I am the mom of a very healthy 15 month old. She has ranked in the 50% for height and 5% for weight since birth. She was strictly breastfed for 6 mo and was very gradually introduced to solids over a period of 4 months. Some babies readily accept new food, others take time. Just because a baby "looks" small doesn't mean there is a problem. Not all babies want to eat solids because they find comfort in a bottle. All you can do is try to introduce a little bit at a time, and try different easy to digest foods. Most people start with cereal, as that is the most common, but some babies start with avocado puree or applesauce. Mix things in with formula and see if it helps. It won't always be this way, eventually she will eat solid foods like every other child, she's just doing it at her own pace. As long as the Dr says she's healthy that's really all that matters. Her mom didn't miss any window. There is no "normal" with babies, each is a unique little person.
1mama responded:
Thanks for taking the time to reply to my situation. I am 60 years old raised at leased 7 children---- I pretty well know what is normal and that all babies are unique and travel the road at their own pace---- I also know that being under nourished has not only life long effects it effects offspring s. If a child only eats milk and doesn't eat solid food it is like growing a plant in water. It may stay alive, grow a little however it is empty and not strong enough to survive. Have you ever tried it? a plant needs the earth for the minerals to grow strong. So a HUMAN needs solid food to build teeth, bones, brain. I seriously can not believe someone would not be frighten and concerned if their child was only in the 5-6 percentile!!!! There is a reason for this measuring scale.

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