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How to get 16 mo old to use a sippy cup & eat table food???
An_249970 posted:
Our grandson is 16 months old and won't use a sippy cup. Any suggestions. Many cups have been bought and he won't use any of them. He also will not eat any table food, cheerios, etc. Any suggestions??
hgreenwood7058 responded:
My son is 9.5 months and I have been trying him on several types of sippy cups as well with not a whole lot of luck. He plays with them but won't use them. Have you tried to give him little sips from a regular little cup? As far as table foods, it may be a consistency issue. What types of baby foods does he eat (i.e. stage 2/3 or any other actual food?). Carson had problems with the stage 3 foods and so i have been slowly trying him with table foods. Steamed veggies (very soft brocoli he likes), I boiled some bonless skinless chicken and cut it into very small pieces about the size of a pea, small pieces of banana, try dry toast, they make baby yogurt as well both in the baby aisle and in the yogurt section (made by yoplait with whole milk instead of 2% which is recommended), small bits of brown rice, and I have cut up small pieces of pears/apples and then steamed/boiled them for a few minutes to make them very soft to eat. He seems to do well with all of these. Also will he eat things like the gerber baby snacks (i.e. yogurt melts, rice snacks made by mum-mum, cereal puffs, "corn puffs" made by gerber or generic brand. They look like baby cheetos but my son loves the veggie flavored ones).

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