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Worried about my child. please help.
WolfishMother posted:
My child is six months old. he was given Amoxicillion for an upper respiratory infection. He has been taking it for roughly two weeks. He has started waking up dazed and scared. if i take his blanket he screams like i have caused him pain. is this just normal phase for his age or is it the meds? i am worried and scared he is my first. please help me.
hgreenwood7058 responded:
I am not sure about the dazed part but the blanky thing is normal. My son has what we call "blanky bear" (its a little blanky that has a bear head and arms from target). He is attached. If he would get fussy we would hand it to him and he would instantly calm him. About this age sometimes a little later some babies get attached to an item that they must have with them (we didn't go anywhere without blanky bear for months and even then we would substitute him if he needed to be fixed. We had to have his head sewn back on twice now). These items can be anything (I think the proper term is a "lovey" or something like that). How is he doing now? He should be off of the amox now. Best wishes.
FrenchBulldogMom replied to hgreenwood7058's response:
My twins are 7 months old and Erin has a favorite blanket, but James doesn't yet. We have a blanky bear and a blanky owl, but the twins aren't attached to those yet.

The other night, I was moving Erin from my bed to the crib and I removed her blanket. She immediately woke up and started screaming. I had to give it back to her and put her back in my bed. I'm afraid to let her sleep with it by herself, but if she's co-sleeping, then I can keep an eye on her and just put the blanket around her bottom half.

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