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    ERmedic posted:
    hello all,
    my wife and i recently had our second child and have encountered some bumps in the road. our second child (girl) has been having some (what we beleive is GI problems) spit up and alot grunting and fussiness after eating. she is on a breast milk diet. we are treating her with zantac at 5mg/kg PO. she has been on this medication for over a week and we have not seen an improvment. we also have tried "colic calm" and that seems to help but only for an hour. she appears to be in alot of pain. also she seems to strain alot before and while having a bowel movement. her saliva is thick and mucus like later in the day. any ideas or suggestions?
    hgreenwood7058 responded:
    Try gripe water or gas drops. My son also did the same thing and he is a breast milk baby as well. Also does she eat/drink a lot of dairy? If so, have her cut down on it. She may have a sensitivity to what your wife is eating/drinking. And you may not notice a difference in this for a week or so. My son puked a lot for the first few months with or without the zantac as well. When my son seemed to be having troubles in the bathroom dept I gave him gripe water and within either that day or the next day he would, how you would say "explode" a diaper. Also carson would get the super thick mucus gunk or even puke almost like curdled milk even though he's not formula fed. He did get over it though, it just took a while. He will be 10 months on thursday. Good luck and congrats!
    helenehere responded:
    When our son was a baby he would have milk come out of his nose in a fashion of looking like a seizure, thick and mucusy. Many trips to emerg..and this would happen at any time of the night or day. At the age of 5 year he was diagnosed with a sub-muscus cleft palate. It was after he had his tonsil/adnoids removed, and we could not understand a word he was trying to say! Specialists at Sick Childrens Hospital said in cases like this..they usual have an operation at 3 months, and worse yet, they never remove tonsils/adnoids. He had a lot of speech therapy. BTW family doctor missed it and a pediatrician, believe it or not! Have this checked. (I should have started this post with the question "does milk pour out of your baby's nose".)
    mom2aboy3 replied to helenehere's response:
    my son just turned 9 mths yesterday and from day one has had milk com out of his nose aot the pedi told us it was reflux he has his 9mth apt coming up this coming week shoudl i ask him if he could check for this is this somethign he could see he did look when he was 2 weeks old said he didnt have a cleft lip or what ever is a cleft lip and this other thing the same
    mom2aboy3 responded:
    you could ask your pedi about pepcid my son is 9mths old and was diagnosed with reflu when he was 2 weeks old and his doc didnt put him on anything til he was 4 mths old when he noticed he wasnt gaining alot but if i cant keep milk in him then how is he spose to gain is what i told him he also said he wasnt drinking enough well like i told him i stopped breast feeding due to not lactaiding and i also was giving him enfamil 2 to 3 oz every 3 hours sometimes every 2 hours but his pedi said he shoudl be at least up to 4 oz by now well today he is 9 mths old still spits up still only drinks 4 oz seems as though i try to get him to 5 oz and he gets a belly ache and spits up more so i am asking his pedi for a new script of th epepcid cause he took him off but if your pedi will give you the script for the pepcid you shoudl see results in just 3 days when your lil one is sleeping a good trick to help is to have your lo elevated in the bed which in reuturns doesnt allow the milk to go up in the esophagus and what not make sure to keep baby elevated in your arms or bed for at least half hour after feedings to help hope all my information helps you out and good luck on the new baby

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