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Prolonged Watery Diarrhea
miss_ladawn posted:
My son is 17 months old. On January 11th, I took my son to the pediatrician, where he was diagnosed with an ear infection. He was given an antibiotic (Amox-Clav E)to take for 10 days, but it caused him bad diarrhea. I stopped antibiotic after 8 days instead of 10 due to severe diaper rash. January 22nd, I took him back for checkup and throat was very irritated but neg for strep. Next day, I took him to ER with fever of 103. Diagnosed with mild RSV. Still had watery diarrhea. January 25th, we went back to pediatrician because had developed wheezing and still had diarrhea. His pulse/ox was 89% so doctor admitted him to hospital. Started breathing treatments for wheezing which improved his oxygen. Hospital tested for flu (negative), c-diff (negative), and did blood work which all came back good except for showing signs of slight dehydration. During the past two weeks, he has had almost no appetite. I can barely get him to eat most days. His energy level is also severely decreased. Some days he has enough energy that he will play some, but other days he just wants to lay against me or sit in my lap. Yesterday, he had a slightly more solid bowel movement, three small ones actually, and we came home from the hospital. This morning, he had two very large watery diarrhea about 15 minutes apart. He has now had diarrhea for just over three weeks. I know something is wrong because this is all abnormal for him. He always eats very well, has a ton of energy and never stops going, and has always had fairly solid bowel movements. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm at a loss for what to do, and feel I need to figure out something soon.

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