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Side effect
An_251123 posted:
Hello, my son is two. He is having bronchitis and he was prescribed Albuterol. He is getting a little better and he is as active and hungry as uusual. No fever. But I do notice that every time he gets this medication his heart rate gets a little faster than usual. Is it a normal side effect or should I do something about it? Thanks
iceechic responded:
They are called tremors, albuterol causes that as a side effect. Heart palpatations, rapid heart beat, tremors, and shaking. My kiddos get the same side effects when they have to take it. As do I ... I hate that feeling. Hope he gets better!!!
hgreenwood7058 responded:
totally normal. I have an inhalor and when I use it my heart does the same thing. I also get a little shaky due to it as well. Its a common side effect. No need to do anything at this point.

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