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Worried about baby weight
An_251231 posted:

I am worried about my son's weight as he is not gaing as he should be , he is 7 months 2 weeks old and weights around 6.6kg [14.5lbs> with height of 69cm [27.1 inch>. Even his GP is worried about his lack of weight gain but really they have not given us any great deal of suggestion so here I am looking for suggestion/advice. He is an active and happy baby as such so our only worry is weight gain.

Here are some observation.
Since birth he only had formula milk but after 5th month he has refused talking bottle milk so we have to mix milk into his baby food so as expected it wont be any close to what he should be taking. He sleeps well through out the night and takes 4-5 meals a day. when he was 1-3 months old he had colic issues but we dont see colic issue but still he does not take formula milk from last 3 weeks we have changed formula millk to soya on GP advice but it has not made any difference.

please can you guys advice what else we should be trying ?
hgreenwood7058 responded:
Try something without cows milk or soy in it. There aren't many kinds but it may be that he is having some digestion problems with the milk. my son refused to eat baby foods after trying a stage 3 baby food and he had a bad reaction (diarrhea so bad that his little tush was bright red and then blistered by the next day).We can get him to eat some of the stage two purees but now he is more healthy table food now that he turned one this past sunday. See if the provider can give you some information about lactose free formula. A lot of babies who have issues with the regular formular also have issues with soy as I have found out. There are others out there. Also could be a consistency issue. Maybe try doing the formula mixed with rice cereal or oatmeal and feed that to him and see if he will eat it.
dadslilhrlygrl responded:
My 5 month old has to be on Similac Expert Care Alimentum with being lactose and soy protein intolerance. Might ask your doctor about trying it. They can usually give you samples to try. At least mine did because it costs about $30 a can. Since she got on that around 2 months of age she is eating more and it also helped with her acid reflex.
scperdomo7 responded:
What about Pediasure? Is like Ensure for kids, so it gives them so extra calories, vitamins and nutrients that they need when they aren't eating enough and it tastes a heck of a lot better than formula!
keepsim replied to scperdomo7's response:
is't pediasure for 1yr babies ? my son is 7 months as told above.
scperdomo7 replied to keepsim's response:
Pediasure is intended for children under the age of 3, but you should check with your pediatrician to see if it could be a viable option for your son.

If your current doctor isn't giving you suggestions on how to remedy the situation and is still concerned about your son's weight, I would suggest finding a doctor who take a more vested approach to the care of your child.

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