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Is my son too short?
unotim posted:
My son has always been in the 10-25% of height at his pediatrician well check-up's. At his 18 month check-up, he was right at 10%. His pediatrician didn't seem alarmed but later I rescearched it and it seems like he's 5in shorter than the avearge baby for his age.
He is 26lbs and 30in at 18 months.
hgreenwood7058 responded:
At this age kids start growing at different rates in height and weight. They all get growth spurts at different times. My nephew is 3 weeks (just under) older than my son and there is a huge height and weight difference. My son at 11 months was 30" and 22lb11oz. He just went through a growth spurt at that time. My nephew though is quite a bit taller and bigger in general. He was prob 22lb at 6 months. Developmentally though my son is very smart and ahead of the game on a lot of stuff. Your son may just end up having a late growth spurt or just be on the small side for a while. Are you and your sig other short? Or any other children? My son is bigger than my uncles daughter who is a few months younger and my friends son who is 7 months older.
scperdomo7 responded:
I agree with hgreenwood. When you want to worry is when you kid isn't on the percentiles chart!! But I think that whole thing is silly anyway, because children do all grow at such different rates, even between siblings there can be huge differences. So what this percentile rate means is that he is taller than 10% of babies his age, which is perfectly acceptable. You even said yourself that your pediatrician didn't seem worried - because its nothing to worry about!

My older son, Cameron, was in the 90th percentile until last year (he'll be 4 in July). By 6 months he was 25 lbs (he loved to eat!), and everyone talked about how fat he was. When he was 18 months, he would get mistaken for 4 yr old all the time. He still looks older now at 4 ft tall and 40 lbs!

The point is, stop worrying Your son is perfect!

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