Labial Adhesion in 4 month old
iceechic posted:
My 4 month old DD just had her 4 month well baby check. Everything is great except the dr. noticed that she has a labial adhesion (Labial adhesions usually occur in girls who are between 3 months and 6 years old. Labial adhesions are caused when the labia (vaginal lips) stick together.) and prescibed premarin to be applied twice a day for a month and then once a day after that. After the first time I applied it, she became very cranky, very restless, and cried. When I went to give her a bath I noticed that she was irritated where I applied the cream. Is there another remedy? What else can I do? I dont want to keep applying the cream if its going to make things worse. Any help would be appreciated.

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scperdomo7 responded:
I would suggest going back to the pediatrician and seeing if there is another remedy you could try that wouldn't irritate your daughter, I'm sure he/she would know a lot more about alternative treatments than I would!