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Baby sounds like she has a stuffy nose
An_251423 posted:
My 5 week old sounds like she has a stuffy nose. I use a suction bulb and saline drops to get it out, but usually there is nothing. At times she coughs but its not a congested cough. Should I worry that she is coming down with a cold? Or could the stuffiness be from reflux? Thanks
scperdomo7 responded:
It could be nothing. My little guy sometimes sounded like he was congested or had a stuffy nose and it was nothing. My pediatrician said he was most likely him getting used to his surroundings, if that makes sense. We also had him in our room and we have our ceiling fan on high, he said that could aggravate the situation so we turned it down a bit and that seemed to help.

I also put a pillow under the head of his mattress to put it at a slight incline and that seemed to help a little as well, though around week 6 or 7, the congested/stuffy nose thing just kind of went away.

I wouldn't worry about it, if he seems otherwise normal, though if you are still concerned take him to the doctor.

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