Sneezing Baby
Springmama13 posted:
My baby is a month old and has been sneezing for about 2wks. She doesnt have a fever and or any other sympthoms. So why is she constantly sneezing?
scperdomo7 responded:
What do you mean by constant? My little guy starting sneezing, what seemed like a ridiculous amount, around 2 weeks. Sometimes he would sneeze 4-5 times in a row!

I talked to his pedi and he said since there were no other symptoms, it was most likely dust irritating his nose or something like that.

He's 4 months now and I've noticed it happens a lot less now.

So, could be nothing, but if you're still worried, you should contact his doctor.
lettemommyof2 responded:
My two year old did this as well, I remember after i had him and was being discharged from the hospital his pedi came in and talked to us for a whille he said that babies sneeze alot they do it to clear their airways because they can't clear their throat 2 month old baby girl does this as well. All is good! Perfectly normal